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If you are like many avid antique collectibles collectors, you often discover that you have decorated your home with many valuable treasures but have no organized record of their description, cost or provenance. When cataloging antique collections and collectibles is vital to maintaining their value. Insurance companies recommend collectors software to document their possessions in a collectibles database and keep these records current and safely stored away from the home in case of disaster.



There are many companies that specialize in data base software for collectors offering a free database software trial and download for new customers. A simple trick to organizing collections is to experiment with a combination of methods and find the best database software for you. It is easy to find a collectors database program that can help out anyone who needs to get organized.


Test Database Software

Many people shy away from database programs in general as they sound intimidating. But today, the best database software is designed to be used by non-IT users. A basic cataloging program should be easy to navigate, work with, and easy to enter or edit information about your antiques and collectibles. With a free trial database program it is effortless to determine how easy it is to navigate the software, and carefully judge its onscreen presentation. If the presentation is not to your liking, see if the screen view is customizable. Collectibles Organizer Deluxe by PrimaSoft is a Windows database program that allows collectors and hobbyists to organize, catalog, and manage all their antiques and collectibles including templates for coins, stamps, antiques, audio-visual, comic books and memorabilia. For the database novice, Collectibles Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use inventory solutions make it easy to set-up, organize and maintain data about your collectibles in as much detail as you want. With a free trial download of PrimaSoft simple database software you can easily create, manage databases.


Organize Your Collectors Database

It is easy to keep track of your collection, add photos and keep all necessary information about each item of your collection with collectibles inventory software customized for your particular collection:

  • Free Antique Inventory Software - Free trial antique inventory database software will help you catalog your collection, input information and track collections of any size.
  • Database Program for Comic Collectors - Do you have a large and extensive comic book collection but sometimes forget which volumes you own. Free trial comic book inventory software is what you need.
  • Christmas Ornament Software - Christmas ornament collectors can download software specifically created for Hallmark ornaments to catalog which ornaments they have and what are they worth.
  • Coin Collecting Software - Being able to define and sort a large collection becomes important where your coins vary widely and you need to find groups of coins and track value trends.
  • Stamp Software - If you simply want to catalogue your stamps, look for a software program with a well-developed searchable database.
  • Vintage Clothing Software - There is a variety of free database collection software available, including free trial downloads online that can be tested out for a few days.


Free Database Software Available

Best database software for antique collectors makes it effortless to store information about their expensive collection into a database. The data base software stores information into a table, which is essentially made up of rows and columns. Every row of the table is termed as a record and it includes all information related to a particular item. Many collectors lose track of how many things they own but with cataloging software they can begin to find out just how much their antique collection is worth. Not only does cataloging software help with insurance issues, but it also helps in planning to add to or sell a collection. Collectorz Book Collector database software can be used for cataloging books in a comic book collection. Users can browse their book database in cover flow, sort lists, and find books quickly and easily. There is a free trial edition available for Windows and Mac OS X with a limit to 100 books. Collectorz standard edition provides everything needed to manage a small collection while the Pro software includes features for large collections with more customization options.


Best Database Software Free Trial

A serious-minded antique collector should be aware of what artifacts he or she has, as well as the condition of each piece. To keep track of large collections, data collection systems are recommended. These database programs allow collectors to input new and existing items into a database, quickly scan/search for certain criterion that other collectors may be looking for, compile a wish list of items wanted and determine the value of their collection. For the elite collector, Collector Systems offers a Web-based management system that allows collectors and their trusted advisers -- curators, collection managers, or family members -- to access, manage and enjoy their collection from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Keeping track of a collection is more convenient than ever. The data collection systems are web-based with no downloads or software installations. Select from a variety of templates and add custom details to create any report needed – from a simple collection inventory to a full financial statement.


Is the Software Free? What’s the Catch?

Many software programs are promoted as “free” but there are a few things to be mindful of. First, you should establish whether the software is free or just free to try, such as a free trial download. Some software programs provide the full version, fully loaded, for free. Then again, some free trial software downloads only provide a few features, then require payment to have a fully operational program. Free to try software downloads mean you are free to try the software program before you buy, but limits are imposed and most free trial software expires after 30 days. Moreover, these free downloads typically do not feature program or security updates. When you find free software or apps, be mindful that most often the company makes money through ads shown throughout your use of their free software program. For a fee, you can operate the software or app “ad free.” Some free software requires your email address or other information such as social media logins. In this case, it helps to use an alternate email address to avoid spam.