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Do you have a passion for a particular era or a particular article of clothing or accessory? Perhaps you have been collecting retro and vintage fashions for a while, accumulating quite a collection without even thinking about it. Whether you collect retro dresses, Victorian hats, Edwardian purses, or vintage scarves - cataloging your collection with data base software is vital to maintaining its value. Insurance companies recommend that collectors document their possessions in case of theft or disaster.



The main goal of a free trial data base software is to make creating an inventory of your collectibles and antiques as easy and convenient as possible. Subsequently, the application should be easy to use and adding items to your inventory list should be intuitive and seamless. Look for usability features in database software such as item filters, customizable categories and different ways to view your items, all of which can help lessen an application’s learning curve. To catalog an antique and vintage clothing collection, it is important to find data base software in which you can create your own customizable categories. It is not probable that any clothing data base software will have a template with listings for hats, shoes, purses or parasols. Moreover, one of the top free trial downloads will help you sort through the data base programs available.


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When you decide to enter the world of retro and vintage fashion you will marvel at the endless variety of marvelous clothes and accessories. Data base software will help you organize the items you researched, searched for and treasured. It is easy to inventory your collection, add photos and store all necessary information about each item including date, cost, value and condition. Once items are in the data base software, the collection can be browsed, searched and sorted; formatted reports, slide shows or web sites can be generated; and collection data can be exported or backed up. Most data base software for collectors support high-resolution images, allowing collectors to keep a visual record of the appearance and condition of items in their collections, and to identify individual collection records at a glance.


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Do you have a passion for a particular era or a particular article of clothing or accessory? Perhaps you have been collecting vintage fashions for a while and have built up a quite a collection without even thinking about it. Organizing and cataloging your collection with data base software is essential to maintaining the value of your investment. With a data base program, users can create as many collections as needed with a single copy of software. Woman’s fashion accessories alone can span many categories and styles - corsets, hats, purses, parasols, shoes, jewelry, hat pins, gloves, and shawls. If you collect antique or vintage men’s clothing you can catalog your items according to frock coats, top hats, shoes or vests. You can even narrow your labeling of collections by period such as Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, 1920s or retro.

A multi-featured database system to document your vintage clothing collection is Data Tracker for clothing. By utilizing their database software, you can easily organize your collection. The software features advanced reporting, graph generation, rich text format notes, data export, a powerful search engine, full customization, cost and value tracking, optional web publishing and more. The database program will also generate full color reports incorporating images, great for accurate insurance record keeping and automatic catalog generation. The software is appropriate for all types of vintage and retro fashion collecting: formal wear, casual clothing, uniforms, costumes and more.


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When you first begin to consider using collecting data base software to organize your clothing collection, the array of software available can be enough to make you want to stick to your old notebooks. But it does not need to be a challenge to find the right software. Once you know how to choose the software for your needs, you will be able to narrow your options down and easily choose the best collection data base software for you. Most collecting programs are easy to learn and use, plus generate accurate inventory lists. The next step in cataloging your collection is to find a free trial download. If you are only a beginner collector, you might not be able to justify the cost of an expensive program; however, there are several free software download options available.