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An antique or vintage clothing collection can take virtually any form. Some have a passion for the Civil War era, others are crazy for flapper style dresses and accessories, while some hunt for 1950s retro bowling shirts. Certain designers too, attract a following where a collector will seek out items specifically from their collections. Whatever you collect, it is important to utilize inventory management software to catalog your findings so you have up-to-date records to protect your investment.



There is a variety of free database software available, including free trial downloads online that can be tested out for a few days. If it works, there is always the option to buy the full version without causing chaos to the already organized data.


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Many people avoid database programs in general as they sound intimidating. A basic cataloging program should be easy to navigate, work with, and easy to enter or edit information about your antiques and vintage collectibles. With a free trial database program it is effortless to determine how easy it is to navigate the software, and carefully judge its onscreen presentation. If the presentation is not to your liking, see if the screen view is customizable. Collectibles Organizer Deluxe by PrimaSoft is a Windows database program that allows collectors and hobbyists to organize, catalog, and manage all their antiques and collectibles including templates for coins, stamps, antiques, audio-visual, books and memorabilia. The database program offers ready-to-use inventory solutions that let you easily and quickly organize all your collectibles. You can easily access and view all your collectibles data in virtually any way including a report wizard, label wizard, HTML generator wizard. Their ready-to-use inventory solutions let you quickly organize all your collectibles and access and view all your collectibles data in virtually any way.


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Data Tracker for antique and vintage clothing is a full-featured database software system that tracks your clothing. You can use the software to easily organize and track your collection. The software features advanced reporting, graph generation, rich text format notes, data export, a powerful search engine, full customization, cost and value tracking, optional web publishing and more. A fully functional free trial download is available from the publisher, Data Village. The best database software can also generate full color reports, incorporating images, great for accurate insurance record keeping and automatic catalog generation. The software is ideal for both business and personal use. This collection software data export features allows you to transfer data to spreadsheets or other software programs and is suitable for all types of vintage formal wear, casual clothing, uniforms, costumes and more.


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For the elite collector, Collector Systems offers a Web-based management system inventory collectibles software that allows collectors and their trusted advisers -- curators, collection managers, or family members -- to access, manage and enjoy their collection from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Keeping track of a collection is more convenient than ever. The data collection systems are web-based with no downloads or software installations. Select from a variety of templates and add custom details to create any report needed – from a simple collection inventory to a full financial statement.