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Recollector, one of the most powerful and versatile software solutions for collecting antiques, fine art and collectibles is now available on Mac OS platforms and as a mobile app on Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. With a suite of features designed specifically for cataloging collections, Recollector is a powerful, easy-to-use and customizable resource for collecting categories of all types. You can download a free trial of Recollector at Comparable to systems that cost hundreds of dollars, Recollector is available for just $49, making it an affordable option for all collectors, and the only antiques software of its kind available now for PC/Windows, Mac and mobile devices.


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Antiques SoftwareRecollector's rich features cater to collectors of fine art, antiques and any kind of collectible. The software's flexible design makes it ideal for traditional categories of collecting like toys and sports memorabilia, as well as for broader and more diverse categories like movies and music, natural specimens such as shells and gemstones, wine, jewelry, and vintage photographs. Users are able to input information on individual items or upload pre-existing spreadsheets to track collections of any size through both built-in and user-defined fields. Once items are in the antique software, the collection can be browsed, searched and sorted; formatted reports, slide shows or web sites can be generated; and collection data can be exported or backed up.


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The antiques software also supports high-resolution images, allowing collectors to keep a visual record of the appearance and condition of items in their collections, and to identify individual collection records at a glance. Users can create as many collections as needed with a single copy of the software. Mobile versions of the specialty antiques software are also available at no additional cost for Android phones and tablets, and for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to view their collections remotely while traveling to antique shows, auctions, shops and flea markets.

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A particular favorite of auction-goers and antique market hunters, the Recollector mobile app mirrors many of the features of the full version, allowing users to buy smarter, avoid duplicates and carry a complete and compact record of their holdings anywhere they travel. In addition, Recollector offers free technical support and unlimited updates. Video guides, FAQs and tutorials are available online at, along with the latest updates for both the Mac and PC versions of the software. Reliable email and phone support options also ensure that users get the most out of their antique software.


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ANTIQUE JEWELRYRecollector was originally developed by programmer and vintage map collector Jeremy Pool in 2002. "I first created Recollector to manage my own collection of vintage maps," comments Pool. "Once I started using it, I saw immediately how useful this could be as a resource in all fields of collecting. From there, it was a matter of expanding the antiques software program, developing greater customization, and making it available on multiple platforms. Now, whether you collect maps, toys, movies, photographs, books or anything else, Recollector will help you track those items on your PC, Mac or mobile device for any purpose."





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